We work for your success

PhoenixPCB provides printed circuit boards and creates high tech prototypes for central European clients in various electronic sectors.

The company’s lean structure allows:

  • Continuous assistance to clients: development, production and correct function of the products
  • Promptness: quotes are obtained quickly to speed up the product’s time-to-market
  • Continuous supply of custom-made PCBs for the clients, in compliance with mandatory requirements and applicable regulations
  • Punctuality: Respect for agreed-upon lead time

In addition, we offer services such as:

Master: We use external professionals to offer high quality master.

Feasibility of the project: Thanks to the skills of our technical office professionals and the CAM technology, we are able to predict eventual problems and assist clients throughout the various project phases.

Tests. Our laboratory and our expertise enable us to carry out the following tests:

  • Thermal stress
  • Micro-sectioning on naked PCBs
  • Micro-sectioning on assembled PCBs
  • Micro-sectioning for cable crimping evaluation
  • Ionic contamination test
  • Size measurement with mechanical or optical support
  • Width measurement
  • Bow & twist measurements

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